Welcome to Senses Desserts

We moved from the Gold Coast to country Victoria, to a village of 90 residents called Amphitheatre in the Pyrenees region of central Victoria.

We now serve our Sensational ice cream in an old pub, built in 1865 during the Gold Rush.

You can see the Amphitheatre Hotel  in its new role. There is a comfy B&B attached to the pub so if you feel like a quiet break in the country, come and see us.

As before, Senses Desserts marches on to twin drumbeats:-

  1.   taste and

  2.   quality

In our first year, we entered 7 fine food competition and won multiple awards.

We are looking forward to serving you  great desserts in our ancient pub and to keep producing the creamiest Ice Cream in the world.

We also want to stay focused on our motivation and philosophy.

 What our customers say:-

“better than sex”
“so decadent”
“I’m having a moment”
“11 out of ten”
“the kids aren’t getting this”
“...mmmm...chocolate and cream”
“the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted

We now serve hearty lunches to go with our ice cream.

Our tasting platter

Fresh sourdough bread

We are closing for winter and ...

We will not be opening the cafe from Sat 27 June and we are not re-opening until we move to Melbourne in the spring.

We are open for B&B guests through the week. Please view our web site for the Amphitheatre Hotel for details of B&B accommodation.

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